SmartClassify An intelligent and fun way to recycle food waste.

SmartClassify: The First Smart Food Waste Recycling Bin invented by Cornerstone in Hong Kong in 2020

According to the Environment Protection Department (“EPD”), over 3,300 tonnes of food waste is sent to landfill every day here in Hong Kong. Over 800 tonnes of which is from the commercial and industrial sectors and the remaining 2,500 tonnes is accumulated from household waste.

Cornerstone Smart Recycling has made it our mission to help the Hong Kong Government fight to lower these statistics and educate the people of Hong Kong on how to recycle food waste.

food waste being recycled

SmartClassify has taken in more than 4,000 tons of food wastes in Hong Kong since 2021.  hindering them to be discarded to landfills since 2021. Instead of being sent to the landfills, the food waste collected will be transported to O·PARK by contractors, where it will be converted into energy or compost by-products.

How it works?

The SmartClassify food waste smart recycling bin will transform the way residents of Hong Kong look at how they handle their food waste. By specially crafted community events we educate both the young and the old on how they can contribute to a cleaner Hong Kong. Through SmartClassify and downloadable app, rewards can be earned. 

The accumulated food waste will then be collected and sent to centres, determined by the government to then be processed further and turned into electricity and composts.

Recyclable type

Recyclables are not waste, but resources. Apart from recycling food waste, SmartClassify also take up multi-recyclables including paper, glass bottles, metals, and other plastics. 

Smart Recycling Bin

Community Reach

We believe that the future of a sustainable Hong Kong is possible and one which we hope to be a part of. Through the launch of SmartClassify, we hope to reach as many areas of the community as possible as well as multiple industry sectors.

Recycling can be both fun and rewarding! 

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