Frequently Asked Questions

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A: We accept all kinds of plastic, beverage bottles up to 1.5L, aluminium cans up to 355mL and Tetra Pak cartons up to 375mL

A: Plastic bottles over 1.5L, items that still contain liquid, items with no valid barcode or a barcode that is damaged, deformed or damaged items that are unreadable by RenatureChest.

A:At the moment, we only accept plastic, beverage bottles.

A. If your pack is rejected continuously, you are most likely inserting an item that is not yet in our smart database. In this case, please help us to keep increasing our reach by taking at least 2 pictures, one shot of the whole item and another shot of just the barcode, then email your pictures to

A: Please click here to find out your nearest Recycle Location

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