A rewarding system that encourages Hong Kongers to recycle.

We believe that together the future of a sustainable Hong Kong is possible. With Cornerstone Smart Recycling Bins, members of the public can sign up to receive rewarding incentives when they separate recyclables in their waste by category at source.

Recycling with Rewards | 3 ways to gain.

Cashback to Octopus card:
Simply tap your octopus card to activate the RenatureChest machine, insert your pack(s) to be recycled into the machine. When it is done, tap your octopus card again to get the redeemed cash rebate.

Through our mobile app:
Registering through our mobile app, you become a member, every time you activate the app while you recycle, you will earn points. The points can then be exchanged for various gifts at our appointed locations or vouchers to be used at appointed merchants.

Certain merchants will reward you by donating x amount of dollar to selected charity foundations for each item that you recycle.

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