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Recycle alone is not enough to tackle waste issue in Hong Kong. We need Reuse to conserve resources, and therefore combating endlessly rising disposable packaging waste. Cornerstone Smart Recycling has been set up as our commitment to the sustainable environment. By taking circular economy into account, we are offering both smart recycling solutions alongside reuse platform. 

Waste and Carbon Emission Reduction

Researchers found that reusable tableware are capable to cut 60% of waste from throwaway plastics, displacing a large share of single-use packaging volume. Unwanted single-use disposable packaging and leftover food have been an environmental and social issue across the modern world. People in Hong Kong have been discarding an average of 266 tones plastic and polyfoam dining wares daily at the landfills in 2020, equivalent to a weight of 120 double-decked buses per week.

Your Supportive ESG Partner on Sustainable Packaging

Cornerstone support corporations which are committed to building a cleaner environment and help in the fight to reduce carbon emission. To put an end to disposable packaging altogether, we are encouraged to bring reusability into diners’ daily lives in a practical and educational way. The reuse platform we built is believed to alter consumers’ throwaway lifestyle in a gradual way, and the return data we recorded will provide sufficient data on your ESG and sustainability reports, enhancing corporate image.

Circular Economy

The urgency of the climate and environmental challenges confronting us have reached an unprecedented level, recycling, on its own, is not enough to reduce virgin material and carbon footprints at the speed and scale needed to achieve its environmental goals. Reusing items is a key aspect of circular and green living, we believe extending the lifetime of tableware will substantially minimise the exploitation of earth resources and reduce our impact on the climate.


Reusable models are truly circular, reuse system is an alternative that can truly reduce waste at source. The extension of tableware’s usable life reduces further consumption and reduces the energy and resources needed for proper disposal. With the practice of using a product repeatedly in its current form, it will lower the cost in long term as we may realize single-use disposables add costs to businesses to purchase single-use products and pay for waste disposal in a regular basis with the upcoming MSW charging to be taken effective on April 2024.

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