Choose to Reuse The FIRST Reusable Packaging Programme in Hong Kong

Cornerstone Smart Recycling with speciality in reuse system and recycling platform has been transforming our smart recycling bins into smart return stations for collecting loaned reusable containers since 2022. Echoing the upcoming implementation of MSW charging in April 2024, we believe reusable containers go through the process of repeatably use and end-of-life recycling which will divert large share of single use disposables away from landfills.

What is the reusable packaging pilot program about?

The reusable packaging pilot was launched in September 2022 in partnership with foodpanda HK and the World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong. As part of the reusable packaging pilot, Cornerstone Smart Recycling is the supplier of smart return station (“Station”) that collect loaned container from diners and circulate them within the close-loop system after centralised washing by third party.  

To learn more about the program, please visit foodpanda website.

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Where are the smart return stations?

To initiate the effectiveness on the reusability of tableware, Cornerstone has introduced accessible smart return stations at 12 locations across Hong Kong Island. These stations are strategically placed to make it convenient for users to return their used tableware:

• Sai Ying Pun MTR Station | Sai Ying Pun

• Shun Tak Center | Sheung Wan

• Central Market | Central  

• MTR Hong Kong Station | Central 

• Exchange Square | Central 

• World Wide House | Central 

• Standard Chartered Bank Building | Central 

• Admiralty Centre | Admiralty 

• Three Pacific Place | Admiralty

• Lee Tung Avenue | Wan Chai

• Times Square | Causeway Bay

• Fashion Walk | Causeway Bay 

• MTR Staff Canteen | Kowloon Bay (Staff Only)

Will there be more reusable container program operating in Hong Kong?

Yes! Altering habits and behaviours takes time, technology is an important bottom-up implementation to influence throwaway lifestyle and behavioural change in tableware reusability alongside top-down government policies on the ban of single-use plastic tableware starting from 22 April 2024. TODi Solutions will build on the extraordinary work being done at Cornerstone on reuse system, bringing communities together to collaborate and share resources for more significant impacts on social and environmental projects in our amazing city. 

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