7 Practical tips for Recycling

1. Recycle everywhere

Cornerstone Technologies has developed Renaturechest, a reverse vending machine to recycle plastic bottles, cans and Tetra Paks. We have also developed SmartClassify to recycle food waste. Both RenatureChest and SmartClassify have been designed to be conveniently placed in offices, building lobbies, shopping malls, sports centres, schools, universities and any other suitable location. Our aim is to bring accessible recycling to everyone and to ensure a positive way of life.

2. Empty your pack

We make recycling very easy and simple for you. Simply empty your pack (plastic bottle, can or Tetra Pak) then insert, into our RenatureChest machines, barcode facing up.

3. Leave the barcode on

By leaving the barcode on, our RenatureChest machines can detect if the pack you inserted is recyclable, otherwise, the machine will automatically reject the pack.

4. Where does it go?

We make sure every single item collected via machines ends up recycled. Either recycled into raw materials or upcycled.

5. Recycle correctly

Our RenatureChest machines ensure every item received is recyclable. We assure this through our smart database that is populated with all valid recyclable packs in the market. The RenatureChest will reject those packs that are not compliable.

6. Remember the 3 ‘R’s of Recycling:

Reduce – Try to reduce the amount of waste you produce. This is the best way to help the environment.

Re-use –  Try to think of ways you can reuse items you would ordinarily throw away.

Recycle – Try to recycle anything you can. This enables the materials you discard to be recycled into raw materials or upcycled to be used again.

7. Recycling can be very rewarding

To encourage you to actively recycle, The Cornerstone Technologies Reward System has been structured to give a little back to its members. By participating in our recycle schemes you can earn rewards or receive cash back, every time you recycle using our machines.

Download the app now and follow the simple steps to become a member.

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