Choose to Reuse (Phase 2)

The Project: Reusable Container Pilot Programme

Client: WWF-Hong Kong and foodpanda hk

Year: 2023

The Highlights

In collaboration with WWF-Hong Kong and foodpanda, Cornerstone has stationed the tenth collection machine at MTR Hong Kong Station in phase 2 project.

10 Food and Beverage tenants at Hong Kong Station have participated in this meaningful initiative and are now accepting reusable containers. All parties hope to shape sustainable habits among our customers and shop merchants, replacing disposable plastic tableware at MTR Shops to reusables.

More news about the program, you may read Enjoy your disposable plastic-free takeaway as MTR steps up efforts to go plastic-free across its entire network from The Standard.

基石環保 智能回收
Site Locations

11A in Hong Kong station

基石環保 智能回收
Photo Gallery
基石環保 智能回收
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基石環保 智能回收
基石環保 智能回收

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