Hong Kong lawmakers urge wider distribution of food waste collection bins


Lawmakers and a scholar have urged Hong Kong authorities to expand the distribution of collection bins for food scraps to cover all districts and residential estates, as the government ramps up publicity over a waste-charging scheme postponed amid public confusion.

The department said 100 public housing estates would welcome the first batch before February 10, ahead of the waste-charging scheme’s introduction on August 1. Authorities also aimed to install another 100 bins at 30 private housing estates.

Authorities procure food waste bins and cover the related rental expenses, including repair and maintenance fees as part of the initiative. One smart bin is allocated for every 500 households, while a maximum of 20 bins can be granted to a private housing estate.

Leung urged the government to take “proactive steps” to promote the offer, noting that six districts, including Wan Chai, Central and Western, and Southern, did not currently have official food recycling bins.


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Issued on Jan 25, 2024

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foodpanda and WWF HK push for reusable containers


foodpanda Hong Kong and WWF-Hong Kong have partnered to launch “ECF: Choose to Reuse”, a closed-loop reusable packaging pilot programme for delivery platforms in Hong Kong, done with the support of HK$2 million funding from Environment and Conservation Fund (ECF).

In its pilot phase, foodpanda Hong Kong will provide 8,000 reusable food containers to participating restaurant partners in the coming 11 months, available in two sizes-1380ml and 650 ml. Users can choose the dishes with reusable container options and return the containers at nine different collection points. The programme aims to offer a more sustainable option to the people of Hong Kong, encourage the public and restaurant partners to reduce waste at the source, and create a more sustainable community.

Users can then choose the dishes with the reusable containers option from a list of participating restaurants when ordering on foodpanda.


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Issued on Oct 05, 2022

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Foodpanda partners with 40 restaurants in Hong Kong to test reusable food boxes


Foodpanda will offer customers the choice of having their meals delivered in reusable containers from Monday, although the option will only be available in a few parts of Hong Kong Island during the initial phase.

Customers must pay a HK$10 (US$1.27) deposit for the plastic boxes, which they will have to return to collection points in office buildings and malls in Central, Admiralty, Wan Chai and Causeway Bay. There are seven collection points for a start, with two more to be added.

They will be rewarded with a HK$10 coupon for each container they return and this can be used for their next purchase at 40 restaurants involved in the trial. But if they do not return the container, their deposit will be forfeited. They can redeem up to HK$200 worth of coupons each time.

  • Customers don’t have to clean food boxes before returning them to collection points in CBD areas
  • Food delivery company’s 11-month trial will test customers’ response to 8,000 reusable meal boxes


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To know more about this programme, please visit foodpanda’s official page.

Issued on Oct 03, 2022

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