VTC Redemption Program

The Project: RVM Plastic Bottle Redemption Program

Client: VTC

Year: 2024

The Highlights

VTC engages students, colleagues, staff and the community in fostering a circular economy. Having reverse vending machine #RVM as a tool introduced for people’s daily recycling practice has generally transforming the way we treat recyclable wastes as resources.

Cornerstone has been placing 7 RVM in premises under VTC, which is set to accept PET#1 bottles with capacity ranged from 250ml to 1.5L. 

Each user can return up to 30 plastic bottles each day, and for each return, user will receive HKD 0.1 per bottle directly on their Octopus card. ♻️

基石環保 智能回收
Type Collection

Only PET#1 plastic drinking bottle can be accepted for recycling in this program.

User is encouraged to rinse the recyclables and empty the content before recycling.

Tips for returning beverage container:

. No Deformation

. Keep barcode intact

. Volume between 250ml and 1.5L

. Empty beverage container

Return Process

Clean recycling steps for PET#1 bottle recycling at RVM operated by Cornerstone Smart Recycling:

.1. Empty beverage container

2. Keep cap and barcode label intact

3. Barcode facing upwards, insert clean beverage container

4. Cash rebate on Octopus Card (HKD $0.1 per bottle)

Site Locations

📍VTC – IVE Chai Wan

📍VTC – VTC Tower

📍VTC – IVE Morrison Hill

📍VTC – Youth College Yeo Chei Man

📍VTC – IVE Tuen Mun

📍VTC – Hotel and Tourism Institute (HTI) Pokfulam

📍VTC – HoR Tsing Yi 

基石環保 智能回收
Photo Gallery
基石環保 智能回收
基石環保 智能回收
基石環保 智能回收
基石環保 智能回收
基石環保 智能回收
基石環保 智能回收
基石環保 智能回收
基石環保 智能回收
基石環保 智能回收
基石環保 智能回收
基石環保 智能回收

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