Recycling Programme at Central and Western District

The Project: Plastic Recycling Promotion Programme at CWDO

Client: Home Affairs Department, Hong Kong

Year: 2020

The Highlights
Consider having our first ever reverse vending machine (“RVM”) introduced in Hong Kong since 2019, people in the community starts getting aware of plastic bottle recycling. To echo the attention and the market trend of smart recycling, Home Affairs Department (“HAD”) Central and Western District Office (“CWDO”) has considered introducing the recent models of RVM in the Central and Western district to support and promote plastic recycling.
10 RVMs have been placed at different premises for 6 months within Central and Western District where people are easily to get accessed to PET#1 bottle recycling
10 Stations Location

📍 8, Connaught PI, Exchange Square, Central

📍 1st Floor, 38 Pier Road, Harbour Building, Central

📍 2 High Street, Sai Ying Pun (Caritas Evergreen Home)

📍 36 Westrn Street, Sai Ying Pun (Western District Community Centre)

📍 North no.2, Kennedy Town, Sai Cheung Street (Kennedy Town Swimming Pool)

📍 12 Smithfield Kennedy Town, Smithfield Municipal Services Building

📍 Forbes Street Tree Wall, Kennedy Town, (Forbes Street Temporary Playground)

📍 G/F, Market, Sheung Wan Municipal Services Building

📍 Eastern Street, Sai Wan (Sun Yat Sen Memorial Park)

Photo Gallery
Cornerstone_RVM_西營盤高街2 號 (西營盤社區綜合大樓LG_F)
Cornerstone_RVM_東邊街北 (中山紀念公園)
Cornerstone_RVM_中環皇后大道中345號上環市政大廈 (上環街市地下)
Cornerstone_RVM_西營盤西邊街36 號A (西區社區中心)
Cornerstone_RVM_中環康樂廣場一8 號交易廣場
Cornerstone_RVM_科士街與士美路交界 (科士街臨時遊樂場)中環統一碼頭道38 號海港政府大樓1樓1
Cornerstone_RVM_科士街與士美路交界 (科士街臨時遊樂場)西營盤西邊街36 號A (西區社區中心)1
Cornerstone_RVM_香港堅尼地城西祥街北 2 號 (堅尼地城游泳休憩處)
Cornerstone_RVM_堅尼地城美菲路12號 士美非路市政大廈
Cornerstone_RVM_中環統一碼頭道38 號海港政府大樓1樓 
Cornerstone_RVM_科士街與士美路交界 (科士街臨時遊樂場)西營盤高街2 號 (西營盤社區綜合大樓LG_F)1
Cornerstone_RVM_科士街與士美路交界 (科士街臨時遊樂場)科士街與士美路交界 (科士街臨時遊樂場)
Cornerstone_RVM_東邊街北 (中山紀念公園)
Cornerstone_RVM_東邊街北 (中山紀念公園)
Cornerstone_RVM堅尼地城美菲路12號 士美非路市政大廈1
Cornerstone_RVM_東邊街北 (中山紀念公園)

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