Choose to Reuse (Phase 2)

The Project: Reusable Container Pilot Programme

Client: WWF-Hong Kong and foodpanda hk

Year: 2024

The Highlights

New reusable container collection machine at MTR Kowloon Bay Canteen. 🐼




With the initiative introduced by WWF-Hong Kong and foodpanda hk, MTR Kowloon Bay Staff Canteen mark the 13th after having the 12th collection machine set up in Sheung Wan Shun Tak Centre last month. It is the first staff-only reusable container return station – a convenient drop-off point where employees can return their reusable food containers after use or after work.

Employees are enabled to rent various sizes of reusable containers for their takeaway meals directly from a vending machine. This makes it easy for staff to choose a durable, eco-friendly option instead of disposable packaging. Once finished, they simply return the rinsed containers to the return station next to it.

Reducing packaging waste in the workplace is a critical step in driving sustainability at scale, and this staff-only program is a key part of a broader sustainability strategy to empower employees to make more eco-friendly choices at work.

基石環保 智能回收
Site Locations

MTR Kowloon Bay Canteen

基石環保 智能回收
Photo Gallery
基石環保 智能回收
基石環保 智能回收
基石環保 智能回收 可重用餐盒
基石環保 智能回收

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