Hysan Place Causeway Bay

The Project: RVM Redemption Program

Client: Hysan Development Co Ltd.

Year: 2020

The Value

In caring for the environment, Hysan strives for responsibility and accountability for a greener future. Their environment-related initiatives lies at the heart of their sustainable business practices.




The Solution

The recycling goal set by Hysan Development is in synergy with Cornerstone, we aim to reach out as many smart recycling solutions as possible in the community.

We are fully aware that more educational efforts are needed in order to encourage more participation.

A cash rebate has been offered for every pack recycled. Cornerstone continues to deliver creative ideas to make recycling exciting.

The Highlights
Reverse vending machine (“RVM”) has been installed at Hysan Place, which collected and recycled over 3,400 plastic bottles from shoppers and other members of the community in first year. This redemption programme is ongoing and the recycling data has seen to be gradually increasing through years. 
Photo Gallery
Hysan, Cornerstone, RVM
Hysan, Cornerstone, RVM
Hysan, Cornerstone, RVM
Hysan, Cornerstone, RVM
基石環保 智能回收
基石環保 智能回收

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