Food waste recycling bin GREEN@SAI KUNG

The Project: Food waste recycling bin at Green@Community

Client: Environmental Protection Department (EPD)

Year: 2024

The Highlights

Smart Food Waste Bin at GREEN@SAI KUNG 🟣♻️


Since after the launch at GREEN@SSP and GREEN@EASTERN, it is now the THIRD green@community taking up household food waste from the community!

Apart from the 8 types of recyclables including papers, metals, plastics, glass bottles, regulated electrical equipment, small electrical appliances, fluorescent lamps and tubes and rechargeable batteries, GREEN@SAI KUNG also take up household foodwaste!


After recycling the recyclables, you are able to earn GREEN$ for gift redemption! 🎁

Let’s go green! 🏃🏻‍♀️🏃🏻

基石環保 廚餘回收 綠在區區
Site Locations

3 Po Lam Lane, near Po Hong Road and Po Lam Road North, Tseung Kwan O

基石環保 廚餘回收 綠在區區
Photo Gallery
基石環保 廚餘回收 綠在區區
基石環保 廚餘回收 綠在區區

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